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Welcome SPRING!!

Our 2024 spring season has begun! 

Beginning Sunday, April 20th we will be open 9 am- 3 pm daily
Saturday April 27th we will be open 9am - 6pm 
Sunday April 28th we will be open 9am-5pm

It's the perfect time for you to start stocking up on all of your spring planting necessities.  We have a wide selection of potting soil, fertilizer, mulch, onion sets, seed potatoes, and a selection of seeds including grass, corn, beans, peas, pumpkins and more.

While it may be a little early to bring any vegetation outside**, we have over 10 greenhouses full of your favorite annuals, perennials, veggie packs, and hanging baskets. 

** We recommend waiting until the temperature outside remain above 50 degree to keep your plants healthy and happy when planted outside.**

Now is the perfect time to walk through the greenhouses and plan out your upcoming gardens, or even think about a gift for that special someone.  As always, we offer gift certificates of any amount so you can give a gift that fits just about everyone!

All us here at Stoughton Farm look forward to seeing you soon!

Tim Stoughton




As you plan your 2024 garden you should think about:

Moving your garden space -   Diseases and viruses often live in the soil from year to year and are not always easily detected.  Additionally, depending on what you grow certain nutrients can be depleted. Moving your garden to a new location will give your plants a chance to thrive and yield better as the soil will be healthy and you will have the chance to enhance the location and properly prepare it for a new planting.  Old garden spaces can be reseeded back to grass and given the chance to regenerate and heal.  Garden spaces should be rotated regularly for best planting and growing results.


Test your soil –

Sometimes plants don’t do as well as we would like.  If this is the case or has happened in the past consider having your soil tested to figure out what nutrient(s) it may need.  Here at Stoughton Farm we use the services provided by Dairy One Labs (


 Temperature –

Most plants don’t like being cold.  When planning your gardening efforts be sure to check the weather.  When the temperatures drop below 50 degrees many plants** are at risk of being chilled or even killed off by the cooler temps.  Even keeping your plants in the garage before planting can cause them to become chilled and not thrive.  Cucumber and squash are especially susceptible to the cold. It is often best to wait until later in May to plant your flowers and vegetables outside once the weather remains warmer.


Unsure?  Ask one of our staff members to help you figure out what might do well where and when you would like to plant them.


**there are a few plants that can handle the cooler temperatures.  Pansies, Violas, Cole Crops such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and peas don’t seem to mind the cooler weather.

Spring Hours
April 20 - April 26
Open 9am - 3pm

Beginning April 27th
Open Mon - Sat 9am - 6pm
Sun 9am - 5pm


Trinity Valley Milk comming soon!


Harvey's Highlanders Beef

We now have a feezer full of beef!

Ground, Patties, Steaks, Chuck Roasts,  Beef Sticks, and more!!

Now stocking
Colosse Cheeses
Howlands Honey 
West Candor Maple Products


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