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Throughout the spring our 10 greenhouses overflow with hundreds of bedding plants, hanging baskets, hanging pouches, decorative planters, and perennials to add beautiful, bright color back to your home and gardens after the long winter months. 


We also carry a wide selection of vegetable packs, including over a dozen different types of tomato and pepper plants.  We even have hanging tomato and strawberry baskets, as well as the classic patio tomatoes. 

We sell a wide variety of soil and mulches, seeds, and gardening tools for all of your gardening needs. In honor of Mother's Day we create a wide selection of decorative potted planters to save you time and bring a smile to her face. For Memorial Day we create our signature combination pots full of flowers perfect for honoring your loved one.

Throughout the summer we continue to carry bedding plants and hanging baskets to keep your garden bright and fill in wherever color is needed.  Then as summer turns into fall, we offer a wide selection of mums and asters perfect for your Autumn decorating needs.  Don't forget we sell pumpkins, gourds and corn stalks too!

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